Divergence Point Registrations

Welcome to the beta version of the Divergence Point Registrationsystem. This system is available for all Divergence Point Foundation events, such as Estera LARP, Obelisk, and The Curse.

For more information about Divergence Point events, check their respective websites:

  • Estera LARP: A low fantasy, low magic world that suddenly became high magic. The game focusses on the activities of a prominent group in a tradepost in the epicenter. Currently, the website and setting information are only available in Dutch.
  • Obelisk: A high fantasy, low magic world recovering from an ancient magic-fueled cataclysm. A post-apoc frontier town except that apocalypse was likely magic screwing up and not nukes. Currently, the website and setting information are only available in Dutch.
  • The Curse: Not quite a LARP, but rather a particular combination of the Werewolves of a certain Hollow involving Mills and roleplay, with the added bonus of a nice feast. Hard to pin down, so check the website. The Curse is only available in English.

Your data and our security

Data and Storage
You can expect us to handle your data with great care. To start, this website can only be accessed via SSL, which, as far as we can manage, guarantees a safe connection between you and us. Any data you enter is stored on Divergence Point's own dedicated VMs, which run nothing but Divergence Point software and can only be accessed directly by our two sysadmins. We do store back-ups on a region-locked Amazon S3 bucket in Frankfurt. Of course, we store your password hashed (=inreversible) and your other sensitive data encrypted with a unique key per user. We promise to never share your data with third parties and we guarantee your data stays within the EU.

Bank and Payment Data
We strive to store as little of this as possible. Currently, we store a transaction ID and any statusses we've received from our paymentprovider. All other data is stored with out payment provider. You can find out more about them here: Pay.nl This means we explicitly do not store any bank-related data such as which bank you use, or your account and/or creditcardnumber.

This system does not use tracking cookies. It does make use of so-called functional cookies. These are not used to track user behaviour and simply exist to allow secure loggins and such.

Retention Period
We store your personal data for at most 3 years after you've last signed up to one of our events. After that time, we anonimize your data and remove all information related to first-aid, organizational info, medical info, and allergies. Data related to IC events and/or characters will be kept indefinately, but will be stored without being linekd to your personal data.

Right to be Forgotten
The Divergence Point Foundation believes strongly in privacy and data security. As such, we prefer an easy approach to the Right to be Forgotten. Should you wish us to scrub your data before the end of the retention period, send us an e-mail tech@divergencepoint.com and we'll get that done ASAP.

Right of Access
Of course, we also support the Right of Access. You can request access via an e-mail to tech@divergencepoint.com. Do keep in mind that this system does not keep any notes save those you fill in yourself, so all you'll see here is the data you've entered yourself, a history of the events you've signed up to, and a payment history. The Right of Access explicitly does not cover any business related to IC information.